Click to Call


Click to Call - AdWords and Bing

One thing that everyone on the online market is going to agree is that it better to have a personal phone call; kind of interaction with your potential client, than the one you may have in some sort of Emails or filling up of a form etc. Realizing that problem; we at 1adz have a simple solution for you; so now, with us you can set up your click to call campaign both on Google and Bing and let your customers call you and have a direct personal interaction with you.

Having the ideal Adwords Click to Call for your business is one thing and the concept of using those Adwords Campaigns for setting up a click to call campaign is marketing to the next level. Like you are in Ontario and want your potential buyers to have a direct interaction on a phone call with you; 1adz will help you set up a click to call campaign set up in Ontario. This way you have a broader window of satisfying their queries by giving it a more personal touch.

Gone are the days when people used to surf on their PCs and Laptops; now the majority of the population uses mobile phones to surf internet. And when they come across your online ad which also shows your phone number (Thanks to Click to call campaigns on Google and Bing), you know it that the chances of getting their call are higher now. Users feel better when they have a real person to talk in case of their urgent need and that way they can be more specific when they have the luxury of explaining it on a phone call.