Google Search Console


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a crucial part of indexing your website on search engines so that the website gets easily displayed to your target users. The Google Search Console helps you finding out more dedicated details about your site’s visitors. It helps in detecting a malware or complication in your website and finding out about who is linking to you. It also helps finding keyword queries for which your site appears in the search results.  

There are parts of your website’s information that you want to be indexed and listed by search engines and there are parts that you don’t.  A Google Search Console by use of robots.txt files; helps search engines differentiate between these two types of information. Also you can submit your sitemap to the Google Search Console while having your site secured; which is like having a cherry on the top of your Sundae.

Registering your website on the Google Search Console is like authenticating your authority over the website in the eyes of Google and its users.  So, it is not only securing your website but it is also like maintaining proper health of your website.

We have plenty experience of linking accounts of Google Search Console and Google Analytics for the betterment of the website and sure enough that we will be using that experience for achieving best results for you. Because when you look good; then we look good.       

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