Reporting Set Up


Reporting Automation

Automation is simply doing something in which a particular procedure is done in the absence of human assistance. So Reporting automation can be understood as something where you can get reports about your website or mobile app; over the prior set time interval without much hassle. By setting up a dashboard for the website; one can easily get reports of his website any time and any moment that he wants. Also an automated dashboard delivers not only fast reports but also accurate ones. Also an automated dashboard helps you by getting multiple reports at the same time.

Doing anything over and over again can be tedious for humans, plus there is a risk of mistakes happening when the task contains copying and pasting of data and other stuff. Silly mistakes like transposing of numbers, putting the data in the wrong dashboard or section and double pressing of a button can change the complete outcome of a report and that is nothing less than a nightmare.

Dashboard creation for automated reporting eliminates that risk factor. Same report that someone has made and has been approved to be up to the mark, is now updated automatically and is delivered at specific regular intervals to specific places. It saves time and frees your mind in doing better things than worrying about preparing those reports in excels and spreadsheets and distributing it to the users.

If you are looking for someone who can set up automated dashboards for you so that you can get those reports just by clicking a button when you are sipping your coffee; we are the one you need.

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