Tracking Code Creation


URL Tracking Protocol

URL Tracking Protocol as the name suggests is the tendency to track the information of the raw user that has been redirected to your website. The aim is the same of measuring the traffic that comes to your website but the drill in this case is somewhat different and is much more granular in its approach of doing so. Important constituents of URL tracking protocol are UTM parameter creation, tracking pixel integration etc. These help it becoming more specific about its purpose. 

A part of URL tracking protocol is UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameter creation. It challenges the ideology of using the unique URL always; it adds various tools like campaign’s name, source, medium content and term to the URL. And all this additions have specific contribution to make and the result is well maintained and measured data of the visitors coming to your website.

With this; it is easier to find out more specific details about the traffic that you get on your website. It gives more minute details like which link, page or even the tweet that the person clicked to reach your website. URL Tracking protocol actually with its tools like UTM, pixel integration and tracking implementation, sets up a direct path that sends the raw hit data to the servers of Google Analytics.

We have team of professionals who excel in this task of providing you with the best of URL tracking protocols so that the traffic coming to your website can be measured in a more specified way.

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